Penn State non-believers unite

Last week I was coming off of campus after my Educational Psychology class and lo and behold, at the gates of the University Park campus stood two students holding a poster that something like, "Atheists and Un-believers unite!" Well, as you can imagine, I sped over to them on my bike and said, "Alright!" and introduced myself.
Nat and Dave and I chatted, I signed a petition to reform the old Penn State Atheist and Agnostics Organization...or something like that. How cool!
The next day I came by and they were there again and some idiot theist (I assume he was a Christian) was up on Nat's face threatening him. One of the coolest things about it, though, was that there were two Christian missionaries there trying to talk Captain Tough-guy down. We were all saying, "Dude. He [Nat] has the right to be here."
"It's an embarrassment!" He must have repeated this several times. It was the PSU vs. Notre Dame football weekend and this guy thought that a couple of atheists trying to organize was a problem. Talk about exactly the kind of guy that I worry really exists! Man.
So after a minute of wrangling and saying that Nat has the right under the First Amendment to gather and speak (the Christian missionaries and I both made this point...thanks guys), Capt. Tough-guy yells, "Not if I kick his ass he doesn't!"
At this point, I said, "Go ahead and do it. Do the Christian thing. Love your neighbor. Turn that other cheek buddy."
After some fluster, he left, clearly very frustrated. And there aren't people blinded by their faiths?
Let's hope that he was just having a bad day though.

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