A nice evening at Kate and Tony's House

I haven't been to a Tony party in a long time and what a treat it was. From 1997 to 2000 I worked at Svoboda's Bookstore in State College, PA with a great group of people: Tony (our pony-tailed Adonis-legged manager), Brian (the chisel-faced philosopher), Sharon (blonde pre-hipster bespectacled lover of poetry), Amy (the soft-faced artist), Michael (the stern-faced Darwin-bearded owner), and others to boot. It was a great independent bookstore with a solid following in the Penn State community.
It's where I helped my father-in-law before he was my In-dad as I call him now.
...where we danced until 4 am drinking wine and beer and eating sushi while discussing operations in the eleventh dimension with a Field's medal finalist.
...where I bought books at cost...
...that brought me to a new appreciation of the depth and breadth of learning...
...that gave me some good friends that I am so happy to be near again, now that J, Sacha, and I live in State College.
We had a great time and are eager to see Kate, Tony, and their girls again and the rest. Scott. Maybe Adam and Lorelle (though they live in California now). Amy. Brian.

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