A new ID movie, EXPELLED! is yet more of the "wedge"

So PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, and Eugenie Scott are featured in a new ID movie called Expelled! that features Ben Stein and uses "Bad to the Bone!" as its theme song.
Check out there awesome banner!

I mean, how hip and rebellious can one group get? Ben Stein!!! WOW!!! He's such a rebel having worked for Richard Nixon and speaking out for that oppressed Christian minority. What a bunch of s***! And it seems pretty clear that this is just another part of the PR campaign inherent in the "Wedge" strategy. Consider these parts:

Phase I.

Scientific Research, Writing & Publicity
Phase II.

Publicity & Opinion-making
Phase III.

Cultural Confrontation & Renewal

Phase I. Scientific Research, Writing & Publication
Individual Research Fellowship Program
Paleontology Research program (Dr. Paul Chien et al.)
Molecular Biology Research Program (Dr. Douglas Axe et al.)

Phase II. Publicity & Opinion-making
Book Publicity
Opinion-Maker Conferences
Apologetics Seminars
Teacher Training Program
Op-ed Fellow
PBS (or other TV) Co-production
Publicity Materials / Publications

Phase III. Cultural Confrontation & Renewal
Academic and Scientific Challenge Conferences
Potential Legal Action for Teacher Training
Research Fellowship Program: shift to social sciences and humanities

Well, consider that Phase I, which is by far the most important in terms of its validity, has gotten nowhere at all. Zilcho. I guess they might have something going in a subterranean top-secret bunker of scientificy scienciness but I'm waiting for the evidence. Time will tell.
Phase III has also not gotten very far because of the setbacks in Ohio, Kansas, and especially Dover.
So this is just more of Phase II. More empty rhetoric dressed up in glitzy grammar. I will be joining PZ and Ed Brayton in wholeheartedly trashing this movie.
Others have really covered this way better than I can (especially PZ). Follow the links in from this Pandas Thumb link.

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