Local governments get in bed with fundamentalism

Here we go. As if the Answers in Genesis scientificky sciencey anti-museum weren't awful enough on its own, a local Kentucky tourist bureau has endorsed the anti-museum in its literature. The Cincinatti Enquirer carries today's story.

The Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau on its Web site says of the controversial museum: "This 'walk through history' museum will counter evolutionary natural history museums that turn countless minds against Christ and Scripture."

Well that's definitely the government's business to tell into what religion they should (and therefore should not) be indoctrinated. I have little problem with people visiting the anti-museum except that it will detract several points from their IQs. But the Establishment Clause and the Lemon Test make it pretty clear that this is not for the government. It doesn't get much closer to a state-sponsored church than this.

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