"God is my pilot" should be "I relinquish all responsibility."

This is one of my snittier posts.
Axiom #1: Life's wisdom is not to found on bumper stickers unless they cynically observe that we live in "One nation, under ribbons".
Today, I saw the most inane bumper sticker I have seen in quite some time. Indeed, it read, "God is my pilot."
I've come to enjoy the obnoxious bumper stickers in Indiana. Someone else has a veritable collage on their car making it into a visual smorgasborg of fundamentalist Christian messages so as to make it the car of Babel. It's visually flabbergasting. That own probably also has "God is my pilot" on his/her car too. But I digress...
A flurry of incredulity blew over me when I saw this bumper sticker, its message spelled out and a picture of the tail of the plane depicted at left, its nose and bulk of its fuselage apparently soaring into bliss off of the bumper of the car. So many questions.
In all of the years that preceded the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, was God anyone's pilot?
Why didn't God pilot things before humans invented them?
If everyone on earth were to wake up tomorrow with amnesia, would praying help us figure out how to fly an airplane?
Judging by the owner's parking space - handicap parking - God is neither piloting this owner nor servicing him much better than millions and billions of others on Earth.
But most importantly, where is that plane going?
Didn't Mohammed Attah believe that his one true god, Allah, was his pilot the day that he and his friends carried out their faith-based initiative by flying airplanes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Somerset County, PA?
It might just be an unfortunate and unforeseen statement, but this bumper sticker is worse than most because it accidentally indicates that Christians are just as mindlessly deluded by their faith as suicide bombers. Anyone who has relinquished that much control of their life to adhering to dogma and revelation has relinquished their own responsibility because they (well...at least they espouse via the bumper sticker) have turned it over to someone else which is insane.

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