Creationists who can't stop rewriting history

Over at Coral Ridge Ministries they've broadcast about everyone's favorite topic in a program called Darwin's Deadly Legacy that begins by wondering what Darwin's theory of evolution has contributed to humanty and promises to expose us the the truth by using the old Nazi cannards and those super-scientific scientists Anne Coulter and Ken Ham.

This week on The Coral Ridge Hour, Coral Ridge Ministries presents: Darwin's Deadly Legacy. Have you looked at the chilling social impact of Darwin's theory of evolution? Do you know how it is connected to the horrors of Nazism? Learn how this discredited scientific theory is impacting your life!

Wikart is my favorite. He says that because Nazis used a "selection" process that they were somehow informed by Darwin. D. James Kennedy's narration moments later, "Simply put: No Darwin. No Hitler." I don't even think that we have any evidence that Hitler had read Darwin. It's pretty erroneous.
To turn it around, as Hector Avalos did in a recent post at TalkOrigins, we can see that the real roots of genocide in Nazi Germany rest in Christian hatred of the Jews for killing Jesus. Luther's 7 points were carried out almost verbatim in the Final Solution. And if you look to the Bible, that tome from which we are to accept the immortal and all-loving teachings of the holy and loving creator of the universe, we need look no further than the book of Genesis to see that God is a genocidal bully on whose precedent bloody-minded men have placed their trust and faith. God is righteous. If he commits genocide then so can we. In fact, Hitler regularly cited "providence," "the almighty," and "our God" in Triumph of the Will. In the most overt statement of Nazi propaganda there is never even one mention of anything remotely related to evolution. Just the tyrannical delusions of the Third Reich's will to power. Will has no place in evolution.
They use the Columbine shootings as an example of Darwin in action because one of the shooters got an emotional thrill from the death caused by natural selection. So one example of how a sixteen-year-old kid can get his rocks off from death and destruction tears down a descritpive and predictive theory? I think not. For every example of alleged evil done in the name of Darwinism, we can find hundreds or thousands done in the name of religion. What about men who subjugate their wives and own them as property because that's what the Bible says is the case? Women are to be killed by their husbands on their wedding nights if the husband finds her virginal status to have been compromised. So why didn't Joseph do that to Mary? The books of Judges and Joshua? The centuries of witch trials and the Inquisitions? So when Kennedy says that Darwinism/ToE let us decide who must live and who must die, I think that he has a long road to travel that shows him and his religion to be hypocritical a la the death penalty and the pro-war platform of the American Christo-fascists.
How's that mote in your eye Kennedy?

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